2017-2018 Fees

Our fees* break down in 4 parts:
  • Club Registration – $320 due upon signing up
  • Uniform – $350 for the full, deluxe kit including bag and warm-up suit. Note: this is not an annual expense as we rotate our kits only every 2-3 years. Due upon ordering.
  • Monthly Coaching Fees – Depending on the team, this ranges from $125 to $165 monthly.
  • Team Fees – Additional fees specific to each team’s individual budget. This is primarily tournament entry fees and also includes goalkeeper training fees, a low per player cost to assist teams goalkeeper training. The total season cost will be divided by the final number of players on the roster. It is estimated to be between $250 and $500 per player for the season.
*Please note, a small administrative fee will be applied to recoup payment processing costs. The exact amount of this fee will be disclosed at time of payment.

Applications forms for AYSA grants, team fundraisers, payment plans and discounts are available upon request yet limited and conditional.

Arizona Soccer Academy is a non-profit, 501c3 organization.