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Help our young athletes grow their skills and keep them motivated to keep working hard throughout the season. Donations will go directly towards the purchase of equipment used at our practices and games.
ASA began serving Scottsdale residents in 2007. We now serve the greater Maricopa area and hold camps, games, team practices and private sessions in other parts of Arizona. Our teams travel to out of state tournaments to expand their competition and college exposure.

Our mission is to enlighten youth of opportunities around the world in soccer and to empower them with skills and confidence to attain their individual goals.

Remember, ASA is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and 100% of your donation is tax deductible. Also, many corporations have programs that match charitable contributions. Please consider checking to see if your employer has a program that could benefit the club.

We appreciate any assistance you can provide the club!

Organization Name: Arizona Soccer Academy, Inc. (ASA) Tax ID #: 208752545
Tax Status: Non-profit 501(c)3

Rancho Solano Second Grader Nila is a Star Soccer Player

Long-term ASA soccer player Nila Kumara recently featured in an article on, in the ZONA. Nila has been playing with Coach Tamera since she was 3.

“Rancho Solano second grade student, Nila Kumara, shines both on and off the soccer field. Admired by her teachers and peers for her sweet, sensitive nature, she excels in the classroom and loves to tackle new challenges. Nila takes the same skills and determination to succeed in school on to the field where she is a dedicated and talented player. Playing on a competitive club team, her strong positive presence and ability to successfully play any position has rallied the team to numerous victories. Whether she’s aggressively leading her team toward the goal or inspiring her classmates to aim higher, Nila always maintains a healthy, competitive attitude!”



Sessions start for toddlers that are 2 years old. Age appropriate athletic and skills development to introduce the youngest players to the sport while having fun and being active.






A serious player is always looking for ways to improve his or her game. If you want to step your game up personal training is just a call away or click away. We are flexible and willing to accommodate your busy schedule. Please contact Coach Tamera Hatfield, Director of Coaching.

Arizona Soccer Academy – ASA

Arizona Soccer Academy (ASA) and United Soccer Academy (USA), serving the Greater Phoenix area, are committed to excellence and the development of self esteem in our youth. 

Sharing the joy of playing soccer with every player. We invite you and your child to join us to experience the Arizona Soccer Academy difference. We believe in cultivating well rounded, technically sound and team spirited players at every age and level.

  • Youth Programs starting at 2 years old
  • Professional Coaching
  • Team Training
  • Private Soccer Training

For the serious player looking for ways to improve his or her game, we offer personal training opportunities. We are flexible and willing to accommodate your busy schedule.

 Tamera Hatfield, President & Director of Coaching

Coach Hatfield founded Arizona Soccer Academy, 2007, in Scottsdale, Arizona after a very successful career as a professional soccer player and trainer. The ASA mission is to enlighten youth players of the opportunities that exist in soccer and life. Coach Hatfield is dedicated to building well rounded, healthy players who value hardwork, teamwork and a love of the game. Hatfield and her coaching team introduce soccer fundamentals beginning at age two to build a solid foundation for success in a structured, safe and fun environment.

Coaching provided to boys and girls of all levels.